Welcome to Metacade

We appreciate your interest in Metacade

However, due to a recent update in legislation provided by the FCA, this website is currently unavailable to investors with IPs based in the UK.
We apologise for any inconvenience

How To Buy

There are 3 options
Purchase with Debit or Credit Card
Buy Metacade with fiat, currently with 0% fees.
For custodial transactions we accept:
  • Visa
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
Choose preferred option
Sequence Wallet for Chrome
MetaMask for Chrome
MetaMask for Android or iOS
Trust Wallet for Chrome
Trust Wallet for Android or iOS
Coinbase Wallet for Chrome
Coinbase Wallet for Android or iOS
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Trade on Uniswap
  1. Visit Uniswap Interface v2 and Connect your Wallet
  2. First select desired token to swap
  3. Next select Metacade token
  4. Enter amount then submit
  5. Approve the transaction
  6. Sign the smart contract
Buy on Uniswap
Buy at an Exchange
Buy Metacade with crypto.
Available CEX listings:
CEX = Centralized Exchange

MCADE Token Contract

Use the token contract information below to manually add Metacade (MCADE) to your
wallet and track your tokens
Token Contract Address
Token Symbol
MetaMask Instructions
  1. Download MetaMask for your browser (extension recommended), MetaMask app for iOS or Android
  2. Click on “Import Tokens”, located in Tokens tab
  3. Switch to the “Custom Token” at the top
  4. Enter the “Token Contract Address” above for autofill
  5. Click “Add Custom Token” and confirm, then proceed to final claim step
Trust Wallet Instructions
  1. Install Trust Wallet app for iOS or Android
  2. Tap the token list icon in the top right of screen, or scroll the list and tap “Add Tokens”
  3. Tap plus “+” button
  4. Enter the information above. Token Name is Metacade
  5. Tap “Save” button and proceed to final claim step